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Circulators and Isolators 50 MHz to 20 GHz


Valvo Bauelemente GmbH is a Germany based company, specializing in the delevopment, manufacture and marketing of ferrite components for microwave and rf applications. Initially part of the Philips Components group this business has 30 years experience in the design and production of standard and special ferrite devices.

  When Philips closed its activity located in Hamburg, Valvo Bauelemente GmbH continues this circulator and isolator business and started 1999 as an independent company, only 100 meters off the former Philips location.

Our portfolio ranges from customized niche products to standard devices for:

broadcasting systems operating in frequency ranges between 50 MHz and 18 GHz

    • band I, III, IV and V VHF and UHF TV broadcasting systems

    • band II FM broadcasting systems

    • mobile and cellular radio base stations and paging systems

    • radio links

    • industrial heating


Standard or customized 3- and 4- port devices are available with a virtually unlimited variety of connectors and dimensions. Drop-in  types are also available with solder tabs.  Optimally tuned to the tightest specifications, they contain all necessary matching and tuning elements in a shielded housing.


These are 2-port devices formed from a circulator with one port internally terminated by a resistive load or power sink. They are available in the same variety of connectors and the same power and frequency ranges as our circulator range.


In addition to our broad circulator and isolator ranges, we also supply a range of isoductors to meet the need of hybrid circuit designers. Comprising only the non-reciprocal core of the circulator without matching and tuning elements, they afford circuit designers a very high degree of freedom in tailoring the behavior of their circuit for specific applications.

  Double units

For designers requiring higher degrees of isolation than those offered by our standard products, we also supply double units. These comprise two circulators connected in series and integrated into a common case to give twice the isolation of a single device.

  Circulator systems

To help system manufacturers minimize assembly time, we also supply complete circulator assemblies. These comprise circulators, monitors, RF probes, directional couplers and/or other ancillary elements in a common housing.



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